About Us


Pre-School is the first time when your very young child goes out and learn some stimulating things.

We understand it will be hard for parents to provide their child with something uncertain. To make the whole process easy and smooth, we, Accel Kids Play School adds fun to the normal education.

Children are the great learners and they learn the best through experimenting and performing things. So the most effective way of teaching a child is by letting him participate in different activities. It will help in promoting the overall development of a child and offer opportunities to learn the language, skills, cognitive, physical, social and emotional development. We ensure that every child in our kindergarten school will be given equal opportunities to learn, discover and participate in numerous activities so that they can grow and develop at the same pace.

Since the Beginning, we will provide your toddlers and infants with a chance of exploring the rich environment of language and movement to foster fundamental skills and concrete foundation for their development.